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Stack actuators deformable mirrors : for high order aberrations correction

Stack actuators deformable mirrors are made by gluing Piezoceramic columns – called actuators - to a thin sheet of glass, covered with a reflective coating. The mirror is bended when the actuators are polarized, the orientation of the bending depending on the voltage polarity.

Stack actuators deformable mirrors are the bestsellersfor high resolution imaging
and in general for high order aberrations correction in laser & imaging (Zernike coefficient > 24).

High Order Correction

Large Stroke

High Speed


Stack actuator deformable mirrors can have a high density of actuators with a small inter-actuator space, so they are well adapted to high order aberration corrections (Z >>24).
Piezoelectric actuators have the largest stroke – standard is 10 µm and the largest inter-actuator stroke – standard is 2 µm.
Stack actuator deformable mirrors can operate at the highest speed - up to 1 kHz and have a large 1st resonance frequency - up to 15 kHz.
The technology can use any kind of substrate with any kind of coating, so it can cover the full spectral range from X-Rays to far IR.

We have an experience with a large range of stack actuator deformable mirrors:

Active Diameter

10 – 100 mm

Number of actuators

Up to 512

Actuator size

Up to 10 mm

Inter actuator stroke

Up to 2 µm


Up to 1 kHz (1st resonance @ 15 kHz)

Mirror Substrate

Glass, Silicon, Copper, Piezoceramic…


Metallic, Dielectric, Laser Damage up to 20 J/cm2 (ns pulses)

Spectral range

122 nm (Far UV) to 10.6 µm (far IR)

Stack actuators deformable mirrors

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