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A Hartmannometer is a metrology instrument which measures the flatness of optical surfaces.
It is used exactly the same way as a Fizeau interferometer and has the same performances.
It is made of a laser beam which illuminates the surface to measure and of a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor to measure the reflected wavefront.

The main advantages of a Hartmannometer over a Fizeau interferometer are :

Insensitivity to vibrations

Live measurement

Cost effective technology

Under vibrations, the Hartmannogram spots move around their average position. By chosing a long exposure time, the centroids of the spots under vibration are the same as under no vibration.
Once the optical surface to measure is aligned, there is no need to launch an acquisition procedure. The results are shown in live. It makes it even easier to eliminate the effects of the vibrations on the measurement.
It is a cheap technology which doesn't use expensive optics with high flatness.


We manufacture custom instruments with a large range of specifications:

Spectral range

122 nm (Far UV) to 10.6 µm (far IR)

Aperture Diameter

No limitation with integrated beam expander

Measured curvature

No limitation with compensating optics


Lambda/30 rms

Latteral resolution

Upon request: typically 2/100th of the aperture



Hartmannometer Software WFS7 for Windows 10, 8, 7

Live display of Hartmanogramm and Wavefront Analysis: Zernike polynomials (Standard and Fringe), 2D-3D Fringes map, 2D-3D Phase map, 2D-3D Intensity map, M2, PSF, Wavefront P-V & RMS;
Parameters monitoring in real time.

Screen capture of WFS7 in operation.

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