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Adaptive optics closed loop systems

Adaptive optics closed loop systems are made by assembling our deformable mirrors, our wavefront sensors and our software.

Adaptive Optics is a key enabling technology for most High Power Lasers and Astronomical Telescopes
and in general for all optical systems affected by wavefront aberration.

Designed for the most challenging applications

Manufactured by us

Tailored to meet your needs

  • - High Power Lasers
  • - Standard Lasers
  • - Synchrotron Light Beams
  • - Telescopes for Astronomy & Surveillance
  • - Microscopes for Life Science

We manufacture our adaptive optics ourselves and we have more than 200 systems operating worldwide.

Our systems will be designed by our engineers to meet your needs both in terms of specifications and budget.

 adaptive optics closed loop system principle adaptive optics closed loop system

Adaptive Optics Closed Loop Software CL10 for Windows 10, 8, 7

Live display of Hartmannogram and Wavefront Analysis: Zernike polynomials, 2D-3D Fringes map, 2D-3D phase map, 2D-3D intensity map, M2, PSF, Wavefront P-V & RMS;
Real-time parameter monitoring;
Live display of voltages applied on the mirror;
Measurement of the mirror electrodes response functions.

Screen capture of CL10 operating with a 18 electrodes mirror.
Note that the fringes are not visible in the window as the wavefront is flatten.

adaptive optics closed loop system

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