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AKA Optics is a reliable partner for your project, as a manufacturer of adaptive optics


AKA Optics SAS is a French company, founded in 2012 by Professor Alexis Kudryashov, Dr. of Sc. from Moscow, Russia, a pioneer and a renowned international expert in the field of adaptive optics science and technology.

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We are established in Marseille, in the heart of French Provence, a bastion of high technology with a strong optics and photonics expertise, with international level research laboratories, companies and universities.

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AKA Optics' strategy

Our strategic partner is Active Optics NightN Ltd, a 10 people Russian company founded and managed by Alexis Kudryashov, based in Moscow with its scientific laboratory in Shatura (120 km east of Moscow). Since 1999, Active Optics NightN Ltd has been a world leader in adaptive optics for high power lasers, with more than 160 systems in operation in the top international lasers facilities.

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AKA Optics' mission is to design, manufacture and sell worldwide adaptive optics closed loop systems, deformable mirrors and wavefront sensors, using the technology transferred from Active Optics NightN.

Our vision is to become a world leader in high power lasers applications, in high resolution imaging applications, and to develop new applications in telecommunication and biology.

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