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Bimorph Deformable Mirrors : a proven technology

Bimorph Deformable Mirrors are made by gluing Piezoceramic Disks with Patterned Electrodes to a Thin Sheet of Glass, covered with a Reflective Coating. The mirror is bended when the electrodes are polarized, the orientation of the bending depending on the voltage polarity.

Bimorph deformable mirrors are the bestsellers for high power lasers
and in general for low order aberrations correction in laser & imaging (Zernike coefficient up to 24).


Water Cooled




Bimorph deformable mirrors are bulky devices, so thermal expansion can only produce low order aberrations, which are easily compensated when the mirror operates.
One of our unique features: our bimorph deformable mirrors can be water cooled when used with very high power lasers, to eliminate the risk of thermal damage up to 50 kW/cm2.
Bimorph deformable mirrors will continue to correct perfectly the aberrations even if up to 10% of their electrodes are lost.
Yet we have never experience such a loss …
The manufacturing process is very simple, so the price of bimorph deformable mirrors is low.
The technology can use any kind of substrate with any kind of coating, so it can cover the full spectral range from X-Rays to far IR.

We are proud to offer the widest range of bimorph deformable mirrors:

Active Diameter

10 – 600 mm

Number of electrodes

Up to 500

Electrode size

Down to 10 mm


Up to +/- 40 µm or +/- 2 m curvature


Up to 500 Hz (1st resonance @ 5 kHz)

Electrode pattern

Any design

Mirror Substrate

Glass, Silicon, Copper, Piezoceramic…


Metallic, Dielectric, Laser Damage up to 20 J/cm2 (ns pulses)

Spectral range

122 nm (Far UV) to 10.6 µm (far IR)

Bimorph deformable mirror

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